We ask you to present all your complaints concerning the quality of our service or the work of the service staff in written form to the contacts marked on the ticket (by e-mail or by mail to Taisto Express OÜ, Kollino Village, Antsla Rural Municipality, Võru County) or via the website Feedback. Complaints are not to be solved by phone!


In the complaint, you have to describe the unsatisfactory service (date of the journey, line number, time, bus stop) as precisely as possible, and also add your contacts so that we could send you an answer. We will only answer to written complaints sent to e-mail or mail address.


A passenger has the right to file a complaint within three months as of the date of the line carriage. The enterprise answers to incoming letters in 14 days; if it is not possible to give a final answer during that period, then the passenger is notified of accepting the complaint. In this case we forward the final answer of the transporter to the passenger within 3 months.


Returning of tickets

In case of the tickets bought from the bus stations, the procedure of repurchase is determined by each bus station separately; please contact with the seller by contacts marked on the ticket.


If the transporter has cancelled the journey then the bus station will repurchase such ticket, money will be returned in the amount of 100%; for that please turn to the ticket office where you bought the ticket.


If the journey is interrupted then the ticket that the passenger has bought for this journey is valid for arriving to the destination in other public transport vehicles on the same route, irrespective of the transporter.


If the journey is interrupted due to the reasons that do not depend on the transporter (snowstorm, slippery road, etc.) then the transporter will return some of the money for uncovered journey to the passenger if he/she requires so.


If the journey is interrupted due to the reasons that depend on the transporter, you have to contact in written form the contacts that are marked on the ticket (by e-mail or Taisto Express OÜ, Kollino Village, Antsla Rural Municipality, 66405 Võru County), adding the description of the incident (date, line number, time, bus stop), number of the ticket, your account number, and the first and last name of the owner of the account). The bus driver will not repurchase the tickets on spot!