Customer Service 5151882

Taisto's customer service number 515 18822

Customer service staff answer the phone from 7 AM to 7 PM


From Taisto's customer service's number 5151882 you can get all information about Taisto Liinid from one place:
– You can reserve tickets to Taisto line buses
– You can get information about the departure times of Taisto line buses
– You can order on-demand bus stops for entering the bus from the Tallinn Airport on the buses that drive towards Tartu and Viljandi
– You can get information about the items that have been forgotten to the Taisto line buses

– And you can get all other customer information of Taisto Liinid from there

It is easy to reserve a bus ticket to Taisto bus lines: just call by phone 5151882 and let us know of your wish. Customer service person specifies the route and date, asks passenger's name and a contact number (just in case) and notifies a passenger of the seat number and ticket price. Then you have to be in the bus stop 15 minutes before the departure, tell the bus driver that you have reserved a seat and give him/her your name, and then the bus driver gives you a ticket that you can pay for to the bus driver (it is possible to pay with a card in the buses). That means that you don't have to stand in the queues, but you still have ensured yourself a seat in the bus!